Dating an American single man online

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  12. 6. Love... your decisions should be made out of love for your wife and her love for you. You make choices that put the relationship over your own individual needs. Sometimes for the relationship to grow one of the individual's needs need to take a priority. You make the choice determining what is best. She trusts you to make that choice. She trusts you to discuss issues and choices with her but in the end she trusts you to make the hard decission. She also trusts you to know when to let her make the decission when she is more informed on a topic. In my house, it is better for me to handle the bill paying and my wife to decide on which groceries to buy. Although she has an influence on what our bills are, my responsibility is to pay them. I have an influence on what we might have for supper, but she's responsible for making sure the shopping is done within budget.
  14. 7. 3 steps forward 2 steps back... Don't get discouraged. This is a journey you two are on. No time limits this has to be done. No specific lines of success or failure. Success and failure is only measured by your own and your spouse's happiness. Every relationship has setbacks. It is normal. How you handle the setbacks as a couple is how you move forward. It's going to take alot of talking, alot of communication, alot of mistakes, alot of understanding, and alot of compassion to make it work.
  16. 8. A TOOL... Discipline Spankings are a tool in a relationship they do not define the relationship. Love, honor, respect, trust, communication define your relationship... Spankings and the dynamics involved in spankings are only a tool used to enhance those elements.
  18. Sorry if the thoughts are a bit disorganised. Everytime I had a thought... ten more would jump in my head and I'm trying not to confuse you anymore than you may already be confused. ;-)
  20. READ ALL THE POSTS... Take what you can use and disregard the rest. Sometimes we can identify what works for us by first identifying what does NOT work for us. What works with one couple may not work with another. TALK ABOUT IT... and Tom... one last thing...

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